Waking Wonderland: being the first part of Edith’s Misadventures Unde...

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Matthew R.R. Morrese is a lifelong student of writing, whether it be poetry, short prose, long prose, epics, or screenplays. Mastering fantasy, classic to modern, he draws inspiration from William Morris, George MacDonald, H.R. Haggard, Lord Dunsany, J.R.R. Tolkien, and George R.R. Martin.

Matthew designs and discovers new worlds through ours and theirs, tracking fantasy back to its origins to adapt and create unique and relatable characters, plot, and setting for children and adults alike. Beyond this, he’s a lover of all creative avenues, including the arts, musical theatre, singing and songwriting, archaeology, and astronomy.


Edith Liddell hated the Looking-Glass; she never needed her imagination for anything.

December 14th, 1863: In her darkest hour, Edith knows her sister is to blame for the destruction of their family’s ordinary world, but when a mysterious stranger offers the Liddell girl a chance to discover how it all fell apart, the temptation to know is too great. However, there is a price: “Your tears, your fascination, the twinkle in your eye.” Will the answer to Lacey’s death give Edith any closure?

And what will Edith find in this land of Wonder gone wrong?

Waking Wonderland is a direct sequel set 4 years after the events of Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. It is the first in a series to ‘reawaken’ Wonderland to readers in the same political and social commentary fashion of Carroll’s hand.

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August 1, 2020


Canticles Productions LLC

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