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Every good man has his breaking point, and then…maybe he’s not so good anymore.


On the eve of his college graduation, David McGuire has it all. He has a dream job lined up, a family he loves, and a girlfriend who is definitely the one. But when his parents are killed by a drugged driver, a dark side opens up inside him, wanting revenge. His girlfriend helps him pick up the pieces and move on, but when she is killed in front of him by intruders in their home, there is nothing to stop the darkness from taking over.

With both killers locked away, David resolves to live only long enough to take his revenge when they are released. He retreats into a haze of booze and food, but soon realizes he won’t live long enough to have his vengeance if he continues down this path. Instead, David creates an alter-ego that will allow him to channel his aggression on other criminals while biding his time. His terrible disguise and the brutal nature of his attacks soon earn him the nickname “The Reaper”, and he gains folk hero status as the populace debates whether their masked vigilante is a hero or monster.

As David slowly cedes control to The Reaper, those who killed his loved ones are released, and he finds their stories are not as clear-cut as he thought. As David battles for his soul against the sinister Reaper, the twists begin, leading up to an ending that you won’t see coming.

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