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A heart-warming, clever, and memorable mystery by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Amy Vansant.

Throughout the series, you find killers, crazy ex-girlfriends, loving dogs, romance, treasure hunts, government operatives, FBI agents, danger… and a cast of characters almost as funny as they are loving, supportive and brave.


The relationships between young and old, sprinkling of romance, small-town warmth, and the cast of unforgettable characters will make Pineapple Port Mysteries your new favorite series!

Charlotte Morgan isn’t your average Pineapple Port 55+ community neighbor. She’s 26 years old—adopted by a whole neighborhood of retirees as a child. She’s had an unusual upbringing—pickleball instead of proms, golf carts instead of gossip.

Well, that’s not true. Pineapple Port has tons of gossip.

Her unusual upbringing has left Charlotte an oddball among her peers, but she’s lucky—she has Mariska and Darla, her late grandmother’s neighbors, to love and watch over her. Still, lately, she’s been feeling restless.

Something’s missing.

Is it the human skeleton buried in her garden?

Nope. She just found that.

In an instant, she goes from lonely and bored to trapped in a web of lies. Her neighbors are acting squirrelly, there’s a corpse in her garden and a handsome pawnbroker is hovering in the yard…Does he know the dead woman?

And could she have invented a worst way to make a first impression?

Charlotte’s found-family is ready to help her solve the mystery…but there’s a problem…

She’s starting to think one of them might be this cold case’s killer…

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