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Although a fictional account, Constance O Wyler’s novel, Untaken, represents spectacular prophetic truth on the verge of any moment fulfillment.” – Terry James, international Bible prophecy book author

Untaken creatively drives the reader to imagine how the rapture could affect the world and individual people in ways not often considered. A gripping and thought-provoking read!” – Matt Costella, Grace Bible Church, Fresno, CA

An irresistible story that true believers will thoroughly enjoy, and that unbelievers should read before it’s too late.” – Kitty Foth-Regner, author of Heaven Without Her and The Song of Sadie Sparrow


What would you do? Your husband is missing; you don’t want to be pregnant; you witness a horrific airplane accident, and you learn all babies and young children have disappeared. Twenty-eight-year-old Sarah Colton may think she is in control, but she’s far from the truth, not realizing the Pre-Tribulation Rapture has occurred. Enter the writer’s mind as she deals with this imminent, amazing event.

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