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Welcome to Dew Drop, Texas. A small town full of characters who will make you smile and help heal hearts of those who come to town or become part of Sunrise Ranch—a wonderful place for foster kids to become family…

Can a “family” of foster boys help give this couple a second chance at love? They see it and they hatch a plan…

This is a fast-paced read, with a focus on finding comfort, security and peace with one’s past, and. the delightful characters will tug at your heartstrings.” RT Book Reviews (4.5 stars)


Everyone is thrilled that vivacious Jolie Sheridan has returned to Sunrise Ranch. Everyone except Morgan McDermott. Eight years ago, Jolie left the ranch—and Morgan—for a successful career as a competitive kayaker. Now after a terrifying accident has sidelined her, his dad has hired her as the teacher for the ranch’s foster boys and Morgan is in trouble. He knows he can’t risk getting his heart broken again no matter how rampant his heart has started beating again at just the sight of her.

Jolie Sheridan was just a small-town gal with a dream that came true when she became a competitive kayaker. Now she’s back on the ranch because she can’t bring herself to get back in the water and her heart is hoping that old flame Morgan might welcome her home. Wrong…he’s closed off and unforgiving of how she left him behind…but she needs help and he’s her only hope.

Yep, Morgan is in trouble, just watching Jolie’s gentle ways with the boys opens his eyes to the truth: he’s never stopped loving her. But she’ll be leaving again—she’s the best at what she does so he can’t let his guard down even though he knows there’s something deeply wrong—he sees it in her eyes and knows it for certain when she passes out in his arms.

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