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Too Far to Fall by Bestselling Author Shane Sawyer, the first book in the Edie Doyle Mystery series, is for fans of small town cozies and golden age mysteries.

A pretty little town
An inheritance
A break-in
A body


Edie Doyle may be new in town, but she’s about to uncover long-held secrets. Secrets someone will do anything to protect.

When her Great Aunt Jane dies, Edie inherits her house—and a load of trouble. The frozen corpse is just the beginning.

Can she trust her binocular-wielding neighbour, or the handsome pub owner? And what about the motives of a dead woman? Jane abandoned her when she was a child. Why make Edie her heir now?

As the threats get personal and the danger grows, Edie discovers that someone wants her gone—by any means necessary.

But she has secrets of her own, and she won’t leave until she’s ready.

Delving into the past is always dangerous. This time, it could be deadly.

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