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Page-turning international thriller series noted for its realism, often enjoyed by fans of Reacher, Milton, Orphan X and The Gray Man. A father with a clandestine CV takes on work he hates, to make ends meet. While body guarding someone undeserving, his worst nightmares are played out at home. Sam returns to Ireland, where old habits, guile and surveillance techniques are deployed with ferocious efficiency. Hold on – this one’s the bomb.

The Sam Ireland Series often deals with what happens behind the headlines. Weaving together elements of Sam’s military past, mystery, covert surveillance and investigation, war, espionage and love – the novels are noted for their authenticity, believability and suspense. They remain, at heart, about the relationship between a father and daughter, who would rather be left alone.


A covert team keeps eyes on a suspect vehicle. A time of peace, for a recovering community. Families relax, children play and a skint Sam Ireland is forced to find work abroad. Then the operatives watch in real time and technicolour as the car explodes.

Sam’s phone lights up and his heart sinks. This one, is too close to home. The best trained undercover operatives in the world watch helplessly as their marks are extinguished, one by one, in front of their eyes. Whoever is at work has very good cause and an unusual skillset. He may even be one of their own.

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