The Wizard’s Blade: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (The Magic Circle Book ... Price:  Original price was: $0.99.Current price is: $0.00. (as of 12/14/2023 07:03 PST- Details)

Forged in evil flames. Lost in bloody wars.

Baard is no wizard nor blademaster. And yet, he must plunge into the land of monsters and find a magical sword to destroy the Wrathlord.

He may die long before he finds it. And if he succeeds, he will bleed.


Thorstorm is a realm of chaos. Invaded by horned warriors, great cities lie in ash and tumbled stone. Where life remains, a curse weaves a dark fog that ravishes people’s eyesight.

In a lonely cape in the north, Baard Thon dreams of sailing toward adventures, but he must stay to fight the murderous creatures that creep closer and closer to the village.

But when an armed horde snatches Diara, Baard feels as if his soul has been ripped apart, and his desire to save her drags him into a war against a Wrathlord who has been torturing the kingdom for centuries.

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