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From Leland Dirks, bestselling author of ANGELO’S JOURNEY and SEVEN DOGS IN HEAVEN:
“It’s happened to all of us. The eyes report an image to the brain. The brain processes the image and declares it impossible. Yet, sometimes, the heart eavesdrops and begs to be heard.



On her way to work, for one terrifying instant Jennifer Canfield sees a tiny hand in the trunk of a car that barely misses slamming into her van. A doll? A child? With no time to think she must act and so begins a non-stop, breathlessly suspenseful journey to find the truth and possibly save a life.

Stephen Baron, a road construction worker, joins her in her pursuit of a possible kidnapper through the hills of California. And where the chase ends reveals exactly how courage and love can show up when we least expect them and change everything.


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