The Terrible Personal Shopper: A celebrity crush romantic comedy (Surprised... Price:  $0.00 (as of 04/11/2023 04:50 PST- Details)

If you’re a fan of Sophie Kinsella and love a good romantic comedy with plenty of witty humor, The Terrible Personal Shopper is the book for you. So what are you waiting for? Join Leila on her crazy adventure and fall in love with Blaze Hopkins. Scroll up and one-click now!


Get ready for a whirlwind romance with The Terrible Personal Shopper, the laugh-out-loud romantic comedy that will have you swooning and giggling in equal measure.

Meet Leila Scott, a hopeless romantic who stumbles into a job as a personal shopper for her ultimate celebrity crush, Blaze Hopkins. But there’s a catch – she knows nothing about being a personal shopper! Despite this, Blaze makes her an offer she can’t refuse – join him on his world press tour.

As they jet-set around the globe, Leila tries to keep things professional, but when you’re traveling with your celebrity crush, that’s easier said than done. With her heart on the line and her job at stake, Leila must navigate the pitfalls of being a terrible personal shopper while falling head over heels for Blaze.


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