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Cal Winter is a junkie and a murderer. He has also won the Military Cross for Gallantry, and has resolved to be a better man. But first, he has business to attend to.

Adler’s prose is razor sharp, his characters flawed enough to be believable. A great read’ – Alex Shaw, best-selling author of Cold East


In this, the third of the Cal Winter military novels, a penniless and desperate Cal is coerced into working for a band of freelance paramilitaries known as the Firm. After a decade of deniable and increasingly pointless killing, he plots revenge. Armed with a file of the Firm’s dirtiest secrets, Winter returns to London.

There, he discovers the organisation has evolved into something even worse…

Winter assembles a careworn team of the Firm’s cast-offs and misfits. Their enemy is a ruthless warrior elite, information warfare specialists.

From Iceland to the City of London and on to the lonely marshes of England’s southern coast, Winter must stop the Firm. Not just to save the country he once scorned, but to fulfil his vow to redeem his own, damaged, self.

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