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Ty Hutchinson is a USA Today Best-Seller and currently writes the Abby Kane FBI Thrillers, featuring the short and feisty Abby Kane.

The Puzzle Maker is a gripping thriller that’ll have you looking over your shoulder as you turn the pages.



Getting away with murder is hard. It’s inconceivable if you’re blind.
Agent Abby Kane heads to Yuba City, where six months out of the year, thick fog engulfs the town allowing a killer to operate freely in nature’s camouflage. As Abby’s investigation progresses, she discovers something puzzling, perhaps even impossible. The killer might be blind.

How can a blind man kill so easily and get away with it? It’s not an easy question to answer. To complicate matters, the killer has a unique calling card. He meticulously removes the skin from the backs of his victims—no easy feat for someone with perfect vision—unbelievable for someone with a visual impairment.

Abby has six months before the fog lifts, and the killer heads back underground. Can she stop his murderous spree before fog season ends, or will the blind psycho leave behind a string of bodies right under her nose?

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