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The Power Of Our Words How To Stop Negative Self Talk And Get What You Say book was not written for you to imagine or start considering, it was written for you to start doing, it was written for you to start speaking with faith. In the name of Jesus I urge you to; SPEAK! SPEAK!! SPEAK!!! And I assure you, you shall have whatever you say if you speak with faith. You are blessed……


Have you ever imagined yourself speaking to things and you see what you said manifesting? Imagine asking your business to flourish and it flourishes. Imagine asking your finances to improve and it improves. Imagine speaking for a blind eye to open and it opens, Imagine speaking for the deaf to hear and they begin to hear. Imagine living in a world where everything you say comes to pass.

Imagine asking trees to die and they die instantly. Now you have imagined enough, now consider speaking to those predicaments in your life or around you. I want you to understand that the power to do all those wonderful things is within you, it’s not around you and you already have them.

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