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The story is set in Wilmington, N.C. where Marsali Jones lives and is currently the matchmaker. Her business is finally taking off and she has been invited to be on a TV show. She is nervous but any publicity is good, right?


Naming her childhood friend as her perfect match might be professional matchmaker Marsali Jones’ career-ending move. Oliver Beck is now a Hollywood A-list actor, and Marsali is at a loss as to how to repair the damage revealing her secret crush has caused without ruining her career. But that’s the least of her worries when Oliver appears at her door….

Oliver Beck has wanted Marsali from the moment he met her via her brother, but she’s always been off-limits because of his friendship and respect for her family. Being named her “perfect match” puts a whole other spin on things, however. She needs him, and he’s willing to play along—for a price.

Marsali is blown away by Oliver’s suggestion that they actually date and she can’t refuse him. But as her blunder brings them closer, his super hot movie star lifestyle clashes with her “good girl dating” brand and they find themselves at odds with the world watching. Could it be that her perfect match isn’t so perfect after all?

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