The Last Door: a spine-tingling thriller with a supernatural twist: Beyond ... Price: $6.99 (as of 11/06/2023 11:51 PST- Details)

When identical twins inherit a Victorian mansion from a stranger, the bequest changes everything they knew about their past.

The house at Herron Pond is no stranger to tragedy. Accidental death. A devastating fire. Suicide.
Are the reports of supernatural activity the persistent gossip of visitors and staff? Or are the chilling tales true?


Jessica Mack is not afraid of ghosts. She has been communicating with the spirit world since last year, when she was forced to surrender to her psychic gifts. Since then, she has used those gifts to help the FBI, and to answer voices from the Other Side asking for favors. Most of the requests are poignant — “tell my wife I’m sorry for the way I behaved.” “Let my son know I love him.”

But a dark presence lurks at the Victorian mansion, demanding more from her. Much more.
Who was Vadim Evanov and why did he leave his entire estate to the twin sisters?
Why was she warned not to enter the last door on the second-floor landing?
Why does Beethoven’s wistful composition, Für Elise, keep haunting her?
Jessica’s visit to the Big Sur estate is a search for answers. She must uncover the truth before another catastrophe strikes Herron Pond — one that could end her life.

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