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“Michael Whatling has written a deeply moving Second World War story in The French Baker’s War.  Whatling’s prose is strong and powerful and the reader will be inspired to keep turning the pages until the end. This book will be appreciated by all those who enjoy historical fiction set in the Second World War.”
— Valerie Green, The Ormsby Review



Absence isn’t a hole. It’s a presence living inside you, eating its way out.

Occupied France, 1943. Returning home from the daily hunt for the rationed ingredients necessary to keep his family pâtisserie open, André Albert finds his four-year-old son in the street, his wife gone, and a Jewish escapee cowering behind the display case.

Without Mireille, the foundation of André’s world crumbles. He desperately searches for her, but finds more trouble than answers. Lives are further jeopardized when he agrees to hide Émilie, the escapee, and a Nazi officer shows up to investigate Mireille’s disappearance.

André will do anything to bring his wife home, catapulting him, their son, and Émilie on a perilous journey impeded by temptation, past trauma, and stunning revelations.

The French Baker’s War is as relevant today for its themes of duty to strangers and sacrifice for family.


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