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The Effortless Perfection Myth exposes the challenging reality of today’s female undergrad. And with increased awareness of Effortless Perfection, together you, your peers, your parents, and college administrators and faculty can combat this silent but pervasive affliction. It’s time to stand confident in your perfection…as defined by you, and you alone.


Are we really living in a “post-feminist” age?

Many Young Women on today’s college campuses appear to have it all—and have it all together. They earn high grades, they’re invited to all the right parties, they’re sexually active, they look fit and on-trend. But they’re hiding a secret. Inside, these smart, liberated, high-functioning women are hurting. They feel immense pressure from peers, male classmates, and the college culture to be perfect. And they are expected to make their pursuit of that perfection look effortless. If this feels familiar, you aren’t alone. Emerging data reveals that meeting an expectation of Effortless Perfection is taking its toll on millions of young women across the country.

They are struggling to develop their identities and achieve their goals during the years they’ve been promised will be the best of their lives. Instead, they’re dealing with stress, loneliness, binge drinking, eating disorders, unhealthy sexual expression, and depression. It’s time to stop this trend: The Effortless Perfection Myth shines a light on what’s really happening using research, historical context, and moving stories of more than a dozen young women—including the author—who have fought through this experience and don’t want you or anyone else to succumb.

This Groundbreaking Book Reveals:

  • Why self-esteem and confidence often falter as you adapt to college life.
  • How the Effortless Perfection myth leads to eating disorders and mental illness (and how to fight back).
  • The twisted effect that hook-up culture has on your relationships.
  • What it means to form a sense of self apart from anyone else’s expectations.
  • Why it’s crucial to be assertive when pushing back against expectations.

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