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She needs a man’s help to protect her secret identity.
She doesn’t need to fall in love.
Can he help without drawing her into his own tangled web?

The Countess Invention is about two people who have to believe in each other to find dizzying pleasure, devastating heartbreak… and forever love.

It’s a historical Regency romance novel with steamy moments and sweet ones, of about 350 page including an admittedly bad attempt at cross-dressing and a woman who believes in pockets. It also includes a beautiful man who has made love to too many ladies and a Happily Ever After!

The Countess Invention is a standalone book! but if you enjoyed it, check out Not Like a Lady, the Grantleys’ story, or follow it with the story of Cass’ cousin in What a Duchess Does.


London inventor Mr. Cullen is actually Miss Cassandra Cullen, happy hiding behind her letters. When some new customers want to meet face to face, she has to trust Dr. Burke, her favorite correspondent, to help keep her secrets.

Trusting Oliver Burke might not be entirely wise. Dr. Burke occupies himself with women and gin, trying to forget his soul-crushing family and the nightmares of the war. He’d rather distance himself from polite society as much as possible.

One too many indiscretions, and Cass’ father insists: Marry. Now. Nothing less than an earl will do. He doesn’t realize his mostly deaf daughter will turn for help to the one man she thinks she knows.

Can a woman who’s given up on love and a man who’s given up on hope find a future together?

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