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Woman scorned? Maybe.

This is a super story .you never quite know wether they will ever get together. But as in all good romance novels,they all live happily ever after. Just the way I like them to end.


When award-winning songwriter Dillon Blake heads to Paris to see country music star Klein Matthews perform in concert, she has a bit of an ax to grind with her soon-to-be ex-husband Josh Cummings. She’s considering starting her own Nashville publishing company, and her first goal is to sign Klein away from Josh. After all, Dillon is the one who brought Klein to his attention seven years ago after hearing him play at the Bluebird Cafe in a writers’ round. She’s not proud of her motivation, but then Josh robbed her of any desire to play fair when he’d had an affair with a Vanderbilt co-ed.

What Dillon hasn’t taken into consideration, though, is the fact that seeing Klein again reminds her of the intense attraction she’d felt for him the first night they’d met. She’d been married to Josh then and spent a number of counseling sessions addressing her guilt for the thoughts she’d had about him, but had finally agreed with her therapist that it was okay to be attracted to someone as long as you didn’t act on it.

But so much has changed since then. Dillon’s failed marriage has made her question everything she thought to be true about vows and commitment. And she’s in the city of love, staying in the same luxury hotel as Klein. The attraction is still there, despite the therapy sessions. Turns out, he’s attracted to her, too. The question is, do they act on it? Or not?


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