Steal Away: An Adam Dutton & Beverly Laborde Mystery (Adam Dutton &... Price:  $0.00 (as of 11/16/2022 08:18 PST- Details)

A bitter con woman and a jaded detective reluctantly join forces to stop a killer…

Bestselling Author BV Lawson named winner of the Virginia Indie Author Project from Biblioboard and Library Journal


When Beverly Laborde becomes a con artist extraordinaire to extract vengeance on the man who shut down her grandmother’s antiques business and sent her to an early grave, she comes face to face with the handsome but haunted Vermont police detective, Adam Dutton, who doesn’t know whether to arrest her or ask her out on a date.

But Beverly and Adam soon face an even worse problem than their inconvenient growing attraction toward each other: they have both incurred the wrath of the wealthy and formidable Reginald Forsyth. Forsyth’s criminal tendrils seem to reach into all areas of Vermont politics and the Northeastern Antiquities League, and he’ll do anything to keep his dark secrets safe.

Beverly is sighted in Forsythe’s crosshairs for getting the best of him when she scams him out of a valuable Paul Revere heirloom. Adam also becomes a target for covering up for Beverly and working to take Forsythe down. Separately and together, Beverly and Adam enlist the help of a sympathetic antiques dealer and the mysterious “Mr. X,” but will it be enough to prove that Forsythe is guilty not only of theft and bribery but of possible murder?

Forsythe throws his best at them, from threats and kidnapping to near-drowning, but Beverly and Adam prove that even though they may not be able to outgun their nemesis individually, together they may just have a fighting chance.

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