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Starting Over Coastal Holiday Wholesome Romance By Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. This is a prequel to the heart-warming and wholesome romance book Starting Over, that will take you away on a beautiful trip to the white sandy beaches of Thailand where true love is possible and anyone can start a new life. With magnificent beach settings and characters that will capture your heart right away, the Coastal Holiday Series is one you won’t be able to put down.


A young man comes to Florida with a tie to his past, and the promise of an American dream.

A young girl with bright eyes and a quirky personality clashes into him at a shopping mall.

At first, their meeting is marked by slight dislike and indifference, and then they are both swept up in a journey of razor-sharp wit and Asian cuisine. That journey is threatened by the shadow of doubt and insecurity, but in the end, love wins.

Along with a promise, a promise he had every intention to keep.

A promise was where it all started.

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