Spells & Death: An Urban Fantasy Novel (Paranormal MI5 Book 1) Price:  $0.00 (as of 01/04/2023 02:36 PST- Details)

Book nerd hunts serial killer. What could go wrong?

Spells and Death is a great mix of supernatural elements, fast-paced and intense at times, making for a great suspense.


I had always imagined what my obituary would be. Gemma Abbott – that’s me – a witch, a complete book nerd, and an agent for Paranormal MI5, succumbed to the bullet that blah blah blah… nah, I’m not ready to die, which means I have to work hard to live.

When a serial killer leaves a trail of dead bodies in the open for humans to find, I have to work fast to bring him in. With every death of a female witch, the ley line’s power is mysteriously lessening. Dave, my handsomely nerdy desk friend, is a witch with no magic, but his analysing skills could change the world. Would he be able to help me track down the killer before magic dries up for good? Or, would the killer take us all down with him?

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