Speak for Me: A thrilling binge-worthy psychological suspense series (Ameli...

Manipulator. Killer. A time-bomb about to explode…

Another gripping and twisty tale of psychological suspense from Deborah Rogers, Speak for Me is a is a thrilling ride that will have you flipping pages well into the night.

If you like tense, gritty psychological suspense thrillers, you’ll love book 3 in the Amelia Kellaway series from crime writer Deborah Rogers.


Just weeks away from giving birth, New York prosecutor Amelia Kellaway is about to interview Oregon serial killer, Rex Hawkins, a man who has tormented her for years. Amelia has no other option—Rex insists she hears his confession otherwise he’ll take the details of the string of rapes and murders he’s committed to his grave.

Truth be told, Amelia wants to do it. She wants to show Rex Hawkins she’s no longer the same person he victimized all those years ago. She’s stronger now, braver, smarter and she’s determined to get him to tell her everything he knows.

But is Amelia underestimating Rex? What underlies all his talk of redemption and seeking forgiveness? Could he be planning something? And if so, what? As Amelia’s due date gets closer and the pressure mounts, events spiral out of control, thrusting both her and Rex onto a devastating final trajectory in which only one of them survives.


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