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They Bought Me. They Claimed Me. But They Will Not Break Me.

Slave is a dark and twisted reverse harem tale including two all-powerful alien warriors and the extreme lengths they’ll go to protect what’s theirs. Only lovers of possessive and dominant alphas need apply.


There are worse fates than crash-landing on your sworn enemy’s planet.
Like surviving, and being taken alive, being sold for their entertainment.

The Dothkhan take what they want—iridescent, battle-hardened brutes all toned muscle and sculpted bodies.
They want me to be their perfect little pet, compliant and composed, to bear their young, but I have other ideas.
They take me hard and often, one at a time or sometimes all at once.
I’m trying to remain defiant, but the pleasure they’re showing me is starting to outweigh the pain.
My traitorous body has never been so satisfied or fulfilled.
There’s just one problem.

I’m the most powerful bargaining chip in the entire galaxy.
And they don’t know it… yet.

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