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Can Tubman bring the murderous thieves to justice? Will he recover the stolen merchandise? He knows he can’t save the people of flight 227 but he can still bring closure to a nation in mourning.

The conclusion of Sky Heist isn’t the explosive ending one might expect.

The explosion is only the beginning.


When NTSB agent John Tubman is called to investigate the downing of a commercial airliner, he knows it won’t be a routine case. He rushes to the crash site only to find the area crawling with FBI agents. He soon finds that what transpired was no accident, and the story is far from over.

Agent Tubman solves one layer of the mystery of Flight 227 only to be confounded by more questions. He is told to close the case but knows in his gut that there is more under the surface. He keeps digging and picks up the trail of an unlikely band of criminals who planned and executed the most ambitious theft in the history of mankind.

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