Rogue: A Romantic Suspense Novel (Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence Book 1)

Another masterpiece from USA Today Bestselling romantic suspense fiction Author Blair Babylon.

Rogue is a phenomenal romantic suspense that is sure to delight and entertain as it holds your heart and mind captive. Nothing can prepare you for the roller coaster ride that is Maxence. He will take you unawares and leave you completely breathless and wanting. If nothing else, you will learn why he is so addicting to the women that he meets.”  – Words Are The Breath of Life Book Blog


Maxence’s brother was trying to kidnap or kill him, and an organized crime thug wanted to cut off Max’s head and feed it to the sharks for entirely different reasons.

So, when a cute little blonde stood up on a barstool in the middle of the Buddha Bar in Paris and drew the attention of the wrong sort of guys, Maxence swooped in for the rescue. Everything about her appealed to him: her sweetness, her giggliness, and especially the fact that she was in trouble.

That last part made her sugar and catnip to Max.

Luckily, he only had five days before he left Paris and Europe for wherever his global charity job was going to send him this time.
Why not spend it with the funny blonde who insisted he lie to her?

Indeed, if she thought everything he said was a lie, he could confess his sins, unburden his soul, and reveal what he thought he never could.
Five days with her sounded like Heaven, if he could just convince her to stop throwing him out of her hotel room.

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