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Ransomed by Bestselling Author Aime Austin is the next installment in the high-stakes Casey Cort legal thriller series. If you like strong women, gripping political corruption, and stories ripped from the headlines, you’ll love Aime Austin’s page-turning tale.

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The Brody family destroyed her. Now they want her back.

Like a ‘B’ list actor finally getting her fair share of recognition, Cleveland attorney Casey Cort is riding an unfamiliar wave of popularity. For the first time, her services are in demand. Well-heeled clients are knocking at her door. Even her rich ex-boyfriend, Tom Brody, wants her back. But entry into the upper echelon comes at a price.

Newly minted assistant U.S. Attorney, Miles Siegel wants to jumpstart his career with the single case that will assure a promotion, prosecution of the corrupt Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court judge Eamon Brody. The jurist’s powerful brothers—one a presiding judge and the other Ohio’s attorney general—aren’t about to let that happen.

When Casey gets hired by single mom Claire Henshaw, to terminate the rights of her irresponsible baby daddy, the redeemed lawyer handles her first case before the beleaguered Judge Brody. While visiting the judge’s chambers Casey stumbles upon a secret that could shatter everyone’s lives.

As Casey knows from agonizing personal experience, blowing the whistle and seeking justice are two completely different things. She’s not going to make the same mistake twice.

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