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Enjoy your front row seat as you take in information about the future of Earth shared by an Ashtar Commander, Osiris, Thoth, Gaia and one of Earth’s fairies. Path of Sweetness hands you your own crystal ball to see the paths leading to the destiny of your dreams.


What if …

  • You fell in love with a handsome alien, and made friends with an ancient dragon?
  • What if you got life tips from famous dead people, and style advice from a fabulous genie?
  • What if you could experience something greater than yourself, greater than Earth?

Would you write a book about it?

Joy Elaine did. She shares a life story that is incredible, sometimes believable, and frequently unimaginable. Her account challenges you to examine your own dreams and experiences in a much larger context, and she invites you to play your part—if you’re ready—in helping to elevate the Earth from third dimensional mindsets to the eighth dimension and beyond.

This heart-warming, humorous, mind-blowing adventure in several parts will take you far away to other universes—where an alien spaceship commander wears sexy underpants—and back home to places where the ants dance and a fairy baby melts your heart with a smile.  You’ll never look at a swizzle stick the same way again. Grab this shooting star and ride it into the greatest adventure of your life!

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New Age New Thought

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January 3, 2020

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