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A fun, twisty woman sleuth mystery set in Edinburgh! Near Miss is the debut mystery novel by bestselling author Traude Ailinger, brought to you by the publishers of bestselling crime writers Pete Brassett, Pippa Mccathie and Cheryl Rees-price. It will appeal to fans of Louise Penny, Martha Grimes, Verity Bright and L.J Ross.


Fashion writer Amy Thornton has the fright of her life when she narrowly avoids being hit by a car.

The driver was being chased, and swerved to miss her only at the last second. He ends up in hospital.

Wanting to thank the man or, more likely, wanting to stick her curious nose in, Amy charms her way into his ward to find out more.

Thinking she has uncovered a heinous plot she goes to the authorities. Yet her sleuthing does not impress no-nonsense Detective Inspector Russell McCord, who is reluctant to follow up on her wild speculations and won’t, it seems, be charmed so easily.

But that changes when two dead bodies turn up, connected to the crash. Now Amy may become key to solving the affair.

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