Murder! Too Close To Home (The Adventures of Gabriel Celtic Book 1) Price:  $0.00 (as of 06/30/2023 03:06 PST- Details)

J.T. Lewis is the author of the Adventures of Gabriel Celtic series, which includes Murder! Too Close To Home, Gabriel’s Revenge.


We both leaned against the old house, peeling paint digging into my arms as I a glanced into the window.

She was there!

Raising her gun toward the Sheriff, she took careful aim as a maniacal sneer formed on her lips.

“You disgust me,” she snarled with unbounded rage. Throwing her head back suddenly, she let loose a loud, evil laugh, straight from the bowels of hell.

“At least this way, I get to personally witness your last breath,” she grinned as she cocked her gun. “Quite the consolation prize, I assure you.”

I glanced over at Frank, who nodded as he tensed himself to break through the door. Cocking my own weapon, I knew that this was the moment…capture or kill, this all ended now.

“I damn you to Hell Sheriff,” she shouted next, “You should feel right at home there.”

Frank burst through the door with me close behind…I had no way of knowing that this would be the moment that changed my life…forever!

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