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Full of heart, authenticity and compassion, you cannot help but smile, laugh and cry with these characters by USA Today Bestselling Author Ashley Farley.

This series reminds me of my all-time favorite movie, Steel Magnolias.”

What a wonderful beginning to a new series! I love all of the characters and can’t wait to learn more about them and their journeys. This is also a story about women and family and that we can overcome anything that is thrown our way with the help of our friends and family.” – Leslie at StoreyBook Reviews


A mother and daughter pick up the pieces of their lives after being abandoned by their father/husband.Birdie Fuller’s new year is off to a bad start. Her husband has mysteriously disappeared, leaving Birdie to cope with their unmarried daughter’s unplanned pregnancy. Birdie and Hannah disagree about the baby. Birdie urges her daughter to consider abortion, but Hannah is determined to see the pregnancy to term.

When Hannah returns for her last semester in college, Birdie must face her demons, the problems in her marriage that drove her husband to clean out their bank accounts and run off with another woman.While struggling to hide her pregnancy from her roommates and ex-boyfriend, Hannah interviews for jobs that will take her and her baby far away from her mother. After graduation, with months to kill before the start of her new career, she returns to Palmetto Island for the summer to await the birth of her baby. Tension mounts between Hannah and Birdie when they move from their waterfront home to a two-bedroom apartment above a bakery.

Can mother and daughter mend their relationship? Or will they be lost to each other forever?

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