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Will Micah be able to face his fears and return to his parents via a treacherous journey, or will he be stuck in Isdralan forever?


Twelve-year-old Micah Murphy’s life has been turned upside down. First, his parents move him to a small boring town on the other side of the country, and now, his friends are not even messaging him back. The prospects for a great 8th grade are not looking good.
With nothing else to do, Micah decides to go exploring. After stumbling across an old kayak, he heads off to explore the shore of the Atlantic, but finds himself horribly lost and trapped in a strange land. All he wants to do is get home. Even if that means his parents will ground him the rest of the summer.

Isdralan is a world in the shadows of our imagination, balanced between light and dark. When characters he meets offer to help him get back, he has to learn who he can trust, in a place where nothing is as it seems. Time is about to take on a new meaning and he will come face to face with secrets that will change his future in ways he could never have imagined.

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