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Our hero stutters around beautiful women, but our beautiful heroine puts him at ease immediately. Their love story is engaging and delightful.


Lord Robert Melton is a successful barrister in London. Despite having the knack of speaking amongst his peers, he is incredibly shy when in the presence of a lady. As always, he returns to his family’s country estate in the off-Season to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Weymouth. That is where he meets the beautiful Lady Julia, a woman who instantly calms him and brings him out of the shell of his reserved nature.

Julia is in Weymouth as a companion to her Great-Aunt Arabella. It is there that her cousin Freddy arrives unexpectedly and demands his Aunt settle all his gambling debts, and makes unwelcome advances on Julia. The two women seek the help of their barrister neighbour Lord Robert, and it is there Julia finds a true gentleman. But Freddy will not be put off so easily. He is determined to marry Julia, even if it means he has to ruin her to do it.

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