Irish Savior A Dark Irish Mafia Romance Irish King Series Book by Bestselli...

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She’s beautiful. Broken. And she needs me to save her.

Irish Savior contains graphic violence and sexual themes that may not be suitable for all readers. Irish Savior is best suited for fans of authors like Nicole Fox and Rina Kent, who love their heroes damaged and their romance dark.


Anastasia Ivanova is everything I shouldn’t want. She’s the damaged and disgraced daughter of a Bratva brigadier, a former ballerina and now the possession of a man whose name I don’t even know, let alone where to start looking to find him. She has no pedigree, no connections, no innocence.

Nothing to offer, by the standards that my world uses to judge a future bride.

I have a life back in Boston. A business to run, men who depend on me, and a woman that I’m meant to marry. The daughter of Graham O’Sullivan is waiting there, expecting me to sign the betrothal contract and put a ring on her finger as soon as I return. To forge an alliance that will make everyone forget about my missing older brother, and see me as the true heir.

Going after Ana is foolish. Reckless. Dangerous. It threatens everything that I’ve tried to build since my father’s death—my seat at the head of the Irish Kings, my livelihood, even my life itself.

But from the moment I saw her face, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I dream about her. Want her. Need her. I want to take every broken piece of her and put it back together. No matter the cost.

I want to be everything she doesn’t know that she needs. Her lover, if she’ll let me. Her husband, if she’ll have me.

But first, I’ll have to be her savior.

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