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Addison is back home now that her Uncle Tony has died. She is on leave from the FBI as she was seriously injured. And she finds herself at a crossroads and she keeps on pushing herself to get better. Silas the sheriff and a longtime friend has asked for help in the murder of a young girl. Addison knows that they are looking for a serial killer but will they be able to find them? The town is full of crooked men that will do anything to keep their secrets safe. But is one of them the killer?


Would you trust a sociopath to catch a killer?
Addison Hunter’s uncle is dead, and her job is on the line after she fails to bring in the worst serial killer she’s ever encountered. Shunted from the FBI with ninety days to prove her physical fitness, Addy heads home to Solitude, Texas, to recuperate and bury the only person who really understood her. Her uncle fought tooth and nail to keep his niece out of the system and train her to fit in.

But did he choose the wrong subject or the wrong type of training?

Sheriff Silas Robert can feel an ill wind creeping in and he’s powerless to stop it. Having Addy back in town brings with it more issues than he can deal with.
The townsfolk don’t trust her because they don’t understand her. But Silas knows there’s nobody better to get to the bottom of the killings that’ve recently rocked the surrounding counties.

Is the best person to catch a cold-blooded killer someone who thinks the same way?

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