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Crunch, bite, slash, and get your game on.


Join us for these short adventures into ever-expanding worlds from some of LitRPG’s brightest and most innovative. Let these tales take you from sci-fi worlds full of wonder to fantasy landscapes where nothing is quite as it seems… Ponder what is real and what isn’t. Find yourself out of time and space, and most important – don’t forget to give the dog all the pets, because there’s more at stake than anyone realizes..

Seriously, all the pets.

11 authors came together to create this anthology, filling it with stories set in each of their imaginative worlds in order to illuminate the diversity of the LitRPG genre – fantasy, science fiction, cyberpunk, LitFPS and everything in between! Here you will get:

  • Phoenix Grey – The Realm Reborn – Small Closed Demo – A Realm Between Novella
  • Dimitrios Gkirgkiris – A Corgi’s Wholesome Guide to Saving All Stray Dogs With Magic – An Apocosmos Short Story
  • Stephen Landry – Burst and Bloom – A Prequel to Star Divers
  • A. C. Mocikat – The Forbidden Grotto – A Cyber Squad Short Story
  • David J. Bushman – The Man Who Lost His Name – A Darklands Online Side Story
  • Nolan Locke – Codex Recursion
  • Damien Hanson – BuyMort – The Shoppening
  • J.F. Danskin – Meanwhile, the NPCs… – A Shadow Kingdoms Side Story
  • J. Arthur Klein – Teacher’s Pet: Cedric’s Quest – An Extra Credit Side Quest
  • Ben Ormstad – Impending Doom – An Overtaken Online Companion Novella
  • D. A. Monath – Path to Decay: Initiation

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