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Her powers can make the elements change, but Elena will never change how the Fae see her Half-breed. The lowest of low.


Halven are the forbidden offspring produced by the mating of a Fae and a human. The only thing Fae despise more than Halven—well nothing.

When a deadly virus sweeps their world, killing immortal Fae, a secret about a royal bloodline is revealed.

The half-breed holds the key to their survival.

And on her eighteenth birthday, Elena discovers a world of warring Faery kingdoms and her fateful place in it…among her enemies.

If only she could unlock her powers.

With no one to trust, she turns to the beautiful, brilliant boy next door. But Derek, has secrets of his own. He’s a half-breed like her. And his father is the cruel king who wants Elena dead. At all costs.

When Elena discovers her Fae mother is still alive and imprisoned in Faery, she will do whatever it takes to earn her mother’s freedom.

Even agree to help the enemy.

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