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When you have a week to save your life, you get off your butt real quick.

Dumb Move revives the Sei thriller series ten years later. You’ll cheer for Sei once again.


I have a bounty on my head worth fifty million dollars. Every assassin I can think of will come for me. Even the ones I had called my friends. To end this nonsense, I need to kill Ethan Carmotte, the man responsible for funding the contract. But first, I need to find him.

I have a week to get from San Francisco to New York. A contact there is the best at digging up information. It won’t be easy, though. News about the big payday is out, and money-hungry assassins are circling. Attacks are imminent. I know that much for sure. But if I can make that trip and not die in the process, I’ll have a real chance at finding Ethan and making him wish he’d never made this dumb move. Wish me luck.

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