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From the million-selling author Robin Mahle comes an exciting new series. Allison Hart is a sharp-witted sleuth whose partner Charlie keeps her in check. If you like a little Sue Grafton sprinkled with a dash of Janet Evanovich, this new series is for you!


Allison Hart had it all—for a while. When her 20-year marriage ends and her kids have all but flown the coop, she opts for a new direction and an unlikely new career.

Her best friend Charlotte “Charlie” Wells offers an unexpected solution that ignites a fire inside Allison. A private investigator. It was the best use of her skills. The only caveat was that Charlie had to agree to be her partner.

Long-time friends, Detective Shane Sullivan and D.A. prosecutor, Milo Nash, are behind Allison all the way and offer leads to help her get her feet wet. She’s soon put in contact with Tommy Boyce, a hard-boiled private eye, who throws her a bone. Just a small job; stakeout a couple of cheaters and get a few pictures. But when her targets are gunned down by a hitman, Allison is hurled into a deadly scheme of murder, lies, and corruption.

Detective Sullivan implores Allison to let the cops do their job, but she knows the killer is after his only remaining witness—her. Allison must now stay one step ahead to keep her fledgling career and her life from meeting an untimely end.


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