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What a great introduction to a group of sisters who all have some sort of psychic abilities. All but one is still school age and the oldest Giselle Massaro is carry the load of trying to keep her younger sisters out of foster care, financially supporting them and keeping their abilities secret from the world. These abilities are what got their father killed and why they are suing the police department for wrongful death.

Along with introducing all the sisters we also get to see them in action when a mother begs them to help her find her kidnapped daughter.

Very engaging story and you immediately fall in love with all four sisters.

“…had me on the edge of my seat…” – The Romance Reviews


After losing their father to a corrupt police officer’s negligence, the Massaro sisters harbor deep distrust of law enforcement. They do their best to keep their psychic abilities secret, but meddling outsiders with good intentions pop up at the worst of times. Keeping a low profile is now more important than ever; years of red tape have delayed their wrongful death suit against the city, and twenty-one-year-old Giselle Massaro is about to lose her younger sisters to foster care. But when a neighbor shows up with an impassioned plea to find a kidnapped girl, Giselle cannot refuse to use her incredible gift before the kidnappers make good on their threats, even if it means putting her family back under the scornful eyes of the local police.

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