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Detective Jameson (Jamie) Kennedy is stunned when his partner, Mike Donovan, is found dead. With few clues, he knows it will be an uphill battle to solve the case, but he’s determined to do it for his best friend.   Imagine Jamie’s surprise when–after a night of heavy drinking–he awakens to find Mike standing in his apartment.
How does a cop solve a crime–or two or three–with the ghost of his late partner hanging around?

How can Jamie explain that a ghost provided information he wouldn’t have been able to find on his own?

How would people react if they saw Jamie talking to himself?


Detectives Kennedy and Donovan were partners for years. Then one of them died. 

And yet, they’re still partners.
Kennedy has to solve Donovan’s death while his partner’s ghost helps him. Sort of.
How do you explain where you got the tips?
How do you hide that you’re speaking to thin air and no, you haven’t lost your mind?

Kennedy has to hide how he’s figuring it all out so he can keep his badge and solve the murder – before he ends up dead and buried too.

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