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Over the past 500 years, colony fleets from ten Races were snatched from hyperspace. Snatched by a mysterious force, and deposited in a pocket galaxy already teeming with life – The Sandbox.

The last to arrive were the Humans …


Human ship thief Skip Lawson’s personal mission has brought her to the very edge of the galaxy. But Skip has broken the #1 survival rule for Humans here: never travel alone…

Darrek qa’Kaleel is the Aniubi commander of the guns-for-hire crew of the DAWN STAR. A crew needing a Human to help steal a valuable orb from an exclusive casino asteroid.

What Skip and Darrek don’t know is: a powerful cabal also want the orb. And they will kill anyone who gets in their way.

Skip and Darrek made their plans.

But even the best of plans can go horribly wrong.

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