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Set in Gothic North Yorkshire, Dark Swans is a story of love, guilt, betrayal and deception. If you like jaw-dropping plot twists, authentic characters and romance with a hint of the supernatural, then you’ll love Stephen Jackson’s new techno-thriller.


What if you found a way to cheat death? How far would you go to protect the secret?

Jamie’s mundane existence is shattered by the suicide of his best friend, Nick, and a brief affair with the mysterious Renata. Why did Nick die? Why did Renata abandon him?

Jamie seeks solace with his ex, Caroline, and they decide to try for a baby. But failure to conceive leads them to an exclusive fertility clinic. Here, they are offered hope – a free IVF cycle if they agree to trial a new drug.

Twenty years later, data scientist Millie makes a startling discovery, connecting the events that uprooted Jamie’s life. And, if the secret’s exposed, it will shock the world.

Jamie is haunted by ghosts from his past and echoes from the future. But answers are tantalisingly close. However, to find them, he puts everything he holds dear in peril.

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