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Welcome to Cherry Hills, where small-town life can be deadly.

This box set includes the first three books in the Cozy Cat Caper Mystery series. If you enjoy light, fun, cozy mysteries without excessive violence, bad language, or graphic scenes, then grab this three-book collection today and join Kat Harper and her two crime-fighting felines in their quest for justice!


Murder in Cherry Hills (Book 1)

How do you solve a murder when the only eyewitness can’t talk?

Kat Harper has barely settled back into small-town life in Cherry Hills, Washington, when she spies her neighbor’s tortoiseshell cat Matty sitting on her doorstep. But Matty’s not making a social call. The newly orphaned feline has just witnessed her owner’s violent death.

But who would want to kill the elderly Mrs. Tinsdale? Was it one of her fellow animal rescue volunteers? A money-hungry daughter? A local veterinarian with something to hide? Or someone completely unexpected?

If Kat wants to put the murderer behind bars, the amateur sleuth is going to need Matty to lend a furry paw to her investigation. But how do you convince a cat eyewitness to reveal “whodunit”?

Framed in Cherry Hills (Book 2)

What happens when big trouble comes to a small town?

Cherry Hills resident Kat Harper doesn’t expect her first meeting with the Furry Friends Foster Families animal rescue to kick off with the mysterious absence of another member. But it soon becomes clear why Willow Wu is a no-show; she’s been arrested for a crime that nobody can believe.

Kat’s convinced someone framed Willow. But who would do such a thing? A crooked small-town cop with big dreams? A local teenager looking for revenge? Or the disgruntled caterer who lost out on a lucrative job?

With this case hitting so close to home, Kat’s determined to find the guilty party. And if she can cajole her cat Matty into lending another helping paw, the amateur detective might just succeed.

Poisoned in Cherry Hills (Book 3)

Animal rescue can be a deadly business.

Murder is the last thing on Kat Harper’s mind when she shows up for the Furry Friends Foster Families benefit dinner. But that’s exactly what she gets when one of the guests drops dead. Now the focus of the evening has shifted from cat adoptions to catching a killer.

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