Cold Threat (Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series Book 3)

An enthralling game of puppet and prey, Cold Threat is the third book of the Ellie Kline Series that will make you want to check in the shadows for monsters.


Monsters hide in the dark until it’s time to feed.

Puppets. Toys. That’s all his captives are to him. He’s the master, the one in complete control, and he’s planning on recreating the night he kidnapped Ellie when she was fifteen.

Ellie Kline’s life has never been the same since that night thirteen years ago. Now a detective in the Cold Case Division of Charleston Police Department, she’s compiled a mountain of evidence against a dirty detective, revealing betrayal within the department. Determined to reveal the truth, Ellie enlists the help of her best friend, CPD file clerk Jillian Reed, to help her prove she’s not just paranoid.

But as the anniversary of the day she escaped a serial killer nears, the murderous villain is coming to finish what he started. She beat him once before, and when he takes someone close to her, she has to hope she can outplay him again.

This time, she’s not a child. And the master is only a man.

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