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No elves. No dwarves. No dragons. Just Fantasy

Finding the balance between classic and modern High-Fantasy, Canticles is a brand new universe built from the ground up. In twelve short stories with an epic scope, the Canticles Mythos Series brings the myths and legends of the Realms of Aegis to life through literature and illustration. Following the twelve races as they were in the Age of Origin, you will delve deep into their cultures, join them on their adventures, and fight by their side in the greatest battles of their times!


Canticles is a brand new high fantasy universe built from the ground up, not a rehash of the usual elves, dragons and wizards. Matthew R.R. Morrese went back to the origin of human myths to build the Realms and its twelve races from the creation of their world on.

Children and Adults alike will enjoy delving into this developed world – its peoples, their customs and cultures, its land, in beauty and diversity, and its legends, through heroism and adventure. Canticles is the New Face of High-Fantasy.

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