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Fans of Christian science fiction classics, such as C. S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy will enjoy Bright Eternity. The questions Lewis asked in postwar Britain are still relevant in postmodern America. Ranging from funny to frightening to thought provoking, Bright Eternity will keep you turning pages until its riveting conclusion. A former research scientist, author Daniel Zeigler wants to move the faith-versus-reason dialog in a new direction. Bright Eternity is volume three in the Brightness Trilogy.

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What if you could cheat death?
How much would you pay for fifty more years of life?
How much would you pay for eternity?

NewEden Life Sciences promises that its revolutionary scientific breakthroughs can add decades of prime years to its clients’ lifespans. What’s more, their research team is relentlessly pursuing an even bigger goal—redesigning the human species to conquer death forever. Clients who have graduated from the NewEden program are ecstatic, but their families are worried about changes they see in their loved ones.

Enter Carmen Norrell, a gutsy journalist and nature photographer who decides to infiltrate the program and uncover its secrets. Carmen has never backed down from a challenge, but she fears that NewEden’s charismatic leaders may present a different kind of danger than she’s ever faced before.

Who is Carmen to believe—NewEden or its critics? And does the company have a darker agenda? Fearing that her own future may be at risk, Carmen must grapple with disturbing questions about the meaning of death—and the value of life.

What would you give in exchange for your life?
What is the price of a soul?

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