Borrowed Time A Cozy Fantasy Novel Primetime of Life by USA Today Bestselli...

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Rowena is a time-traveling witch assassin who is very bad at her job.

Grab this dark humor-filled, page-turning, suspenseful paranormal woman’s fiction now, and escape into a world of yummy cheesecake-like men, snarky familiars, time travel hijinks, and danger.


It’s one thing to know I’m a witch. It’s an entirely different thing to learn to use my powers. I’ve always known I was adopted, but it never mattered much until my birth mother died.

I inherited her witchy powers and her job—a time-traveling witch assassin, neither of which I know what to do with. But at least I get a trainer, my birth mother’s old friend Arti, and a lazy dragon familiar who is determined to eat all my food and drink all my booze.

Now I have to learn everything from scratch. Magic, time travel, assassining… assassinating? Whatever it is, I can’t fail, or I lose my job and the witches in line for the position after me? Let’s just say, not-so-nice. Keeping my job kinda means saving the world. No pressure.

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