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Anyone who loves good mystery this is for you, the storyline and characters were interesting and compelling!


Jackson Thomas is a press hound and content writer living in the fast-paced entertainment scene of Hollywood, California. While on assignment covering a budding film franchise, Jackson meets and befriends a talented, though troubled, author, Agnes Powell. As their relationship develops, it is also masked in secrets and uncertainty, as the author reveals that pressure is mounting from all sides. When she slides into a deep spiral of drugs of paranoia, Jackson must do what he can to protect her from the dangers she herself doesn’t fully understand.

Jackson’s life takes a dark turn when, after helping Agnes through a hard recovery, the author goes missing. When she turns up, dead by overdose in her own home, Jackson swears to find out the truth about what became of her in her final hours. As the industry reacts to the author’s untimely death, Jackson’s original convictions about the meaning and cause of Agnes Powell’s death are turned on their head. After an unsettling interview with a pair of detectives, Jackson begins to sense that the evidence points to him. Jackson must race against the clock to discover what truly became of the author, and why mysterious forces at work in the city seem intent on framing him for her death.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s work for the media company puts him in a position to make an important discovery about the leading actor in the first film of the franchise. Close family ties with a very large, very shady holding company make Jackson suspicious of the actor. As Jackson races towards the truth, the steel jaws of the trap are closing in around him. Rumors and whispers from the industry indicate that the deceased author’s work will be rewritten, and it’s up to Jackson to preserve the integrity of her work, as it may be too late to save himself.


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