Blood Remembered: A Max Sawyer Thriller Novel (A Max Sawyer Novel Book 1) Price: $2.99 (as of 05/28/2023 01:25 PST- Details)

Bestselling Author Douglas Pratt with Blood Remembered A Max Sawyer Thriller, introducing Max Sawyer as a young multimillionaire who lives in Memphis. He reluctantly returns to his hometown in Arkansas when his high school girlfriend is accused of murder. He left 10 years before after the murderers of his parents wares sentenced. His father’s law partner and his own attorney is now the prosecutor. He teams up with the editor of the local paper, Lisa Day, to clear his friend. There are plenty of suspects and lots of suspense in this one.


Murder Interrupts a Perfectly Good Hangover

Max Sawyer is a man who never wants to go home.
He isn’t consumed with the future. Only bourbon and blues.
Until a friend is in trouble. Now Max finds himself in his hometown, facing demons from his past and dangers from all directions.

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